Good Morning 6.9!

by Gilbert

My Cosmos by Toyo Ito

Why are we complaining of a projected 6.9million population as if congestion was a bad thing?

The culture of congestion – technology makes urban density possible, through sewage systems, transport networks and modern construction techniques. It now depends on the designers, builders and guardians of these systems to keep them safe, make them work and contribute to city living.

This culture of congestion is what makes city living exciting. Sure you’ll have to queue once in a while. But…

do Singapore’s gourmets complain when they discover a new exotic restaurant which would not have been supported without their population of expatriates?

do Singapore’s runners complain when there is a new marathon made possible by the large numbers of sports enthusiasts?

The dense, cosmopolitan city is what allows ‘economies of scale’. It allows you a choice when you had none before.

Good morning to a new city, reborn yet again.